Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Gibson: 2018 (Part 3)

This is the model that sets the standard for Les Pauls- the Les Paul Standard. As you can see, nothing has changed (you were really expecting a radical change?) but please be informed that it's not offered in the traditional, more rounded, thicker, 50s neck carve but only the asymmetrical slim taper type. Interesting revision- the frets are cryogenically treated. Ask yourselves if you consider this a plus or do you prefer stainless steel frets instead. 

Here's the interesting bit- come 2018, no LP Standard T (Traditional) model is offered. There's only the LP Standard (the one you see here) & an HP counterpart. We virtually have no relevant model to peg against for price comparisons. Nevertheless, between 2017's LP Standard T & this one, things just became more expensive by USD380. 

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