Thursday, September 7, 2017

Still not available

We're now into the final quarter of 2017, there's still no news pertaining to the reverse headstock Ibanez S-Series you see here. Highly likely, they won't make it here at all since they are not featured on the (SG version) manufacturer's regional web page. Let's see now, they are available in the USA, Australia, Germany, France, Canada, Russia... everywhere else but here. If you recall the Talman models which were recently re-introduced to the market, those made it here late. By the time they appeared on the store walls for sale, the year has turned & people are into other, newer models. It's also a perfect excuse for dealers to say, "Hey, these things won't sell." If you are moving with the times, this shouldn't be the case. I sound very disgruntled because I'm a fan. I have a flailing interest in Ibanez now partly because not everything in the catalog is available here for consideration. 

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