Tuesday, September 25, 2012

DM Helix: The difference

You know how it is with commercial slants- they make you believe the hype. But I'm in the midst of evaluating Dean Markley's Helix strings, I think I can do you good by giving some frank opinions.

Do refer to the DM literature above, the Helix is a little different due to its compressed winding feature, so over the same string length, you'd get more windings with the Helix compared to other string brands. So what's the big deal?
  1. Less dirt: Because the wrap wires are closer together, there are lesser depressions to trap dirt from your fingers. This is the chief reason why your strings last longer. This won't make a difference if your finger fluids are very acidic though.
  2. Less scratching noises. If you are greatly disturbed by that noise when you drag your fingers across wound strings, the Helix is less noisy. It's all about having narrower gaps between the wraps.

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