Thursday, September 6, 2012

Want: Super Sonic tone!

Since the Super Sonic amp made its debut, I gave the 100W version a go & really liked it. In fact, Andy Timmons was here for a clinic & he dropped by Swee Lee's showroom, they plugged him into this amp & he loved it. Due to Andy's affiliation with some other brand name amp, this remains to be a personal admiration. I had an opportunity to loop it up with a Tubescreamer (still remember it was a TS7) & it sounded... em... like MY kinda amp- lots of saturation, sensitive to the slightest pick. The Super Sonic was then made available in a 50W version- I waited for that one to make it here because I already own 2 100W amps so having a lower-powered head would be a good variation. Now that Fender has announced the fresh 20W version- I am still waiting.

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Abner Jr. Paredes said...

What?? Andy Timmons in singapore?? when is this?? where do you get these news and stuff?.. mehn!!! im gonna kill myself