Sunday, September 16, 2012

Re-string/ Set up (Ep 1)

I am still offering this service: CLICK

Brother Koi contacted me on Wednesday to have his guitar looked into but he's at Bt Batok. I have some spare time yesterday so it was no problem at all, we met up somewhere near Bt Batok central to get the job done:
  • Re-string
  • Fretboard re-conditioned
  • Neck bow reduced
  • Action lowered
Someone asked me if I differentiate the services offered, ie: Re-string only/ set-up only. If a re-string is done, a quick set-up would be obligatory-  I don't leave you to deal with the quirks of a fresh set of strings, I make sure they conform to the standards before you get your instrument back :-)

If you are in the Bt Batok neighbourhood, I'd be glad to attend to your instruments.

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