Sunday, September 2, 2012

Selling: Plush Cream (Price updated)

Plush pedals are products by the amplifier company, Fuchs. The Cream you see here has an overdrive voicing, a non-aggressive one at that. However, I can pretty much shred my notes with this one due to its saturation levels unlike the traditional Tubescreamers out there. Here's some stuff about it (please check out the soundclips there by Doug Doppler): CREAM!

I bought this one for more than $200, I bought the Extreme Cream subsequently which is essentially this pedal + a souped up channel 2- the reason why I'm selling it away :-)

  • Selling: Plush Cream
  • Condition: 9/10 (box included)
  • Self-collect @ CCK mrt stn
  • Queries/ Confirmation:
  • No reservations/ No trades
  • Price: $149 $120 (final)
  • Malaysian buyers: RM370 RM290(final)

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