Monday, September 3, 2012

Ibanez: RG721 (Part 2)

The majesty of the Ibanez RG721 is definitely its rosewood laminate. It adorns the body as well as the instrument's headstock. It gives rise to class without the need for a final gloss coat but not everyone's into this. The fact that there isn't gloss in places where it should be means those surfaces ding easily. The irony of this consideration is that, at the end of the day, people want a vintage- 'relic' if you will- look from their instrument. It's all about losing the gloss & feeling the bare wood of your instrument which is exactly what the RG721 is all about. 

That laminate implement is sheer class alright but it necessitated a more economical decal application over at the headstock so as not to break the unity of that wood feel. Unlike other gloss finished headstocks, the Ibanez logo/ decal here is a silk-screened transfer. So if you are captivated by the classic beauty of this guitar, the situation over at the headstock would be an economical reminder of the things that be.

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