Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Not quite Fender

Friends, for those of you who frequent Plaza Angsana at JB, this store should be a familiar sight (@ Level 4). It has a good collection of desirable guitars but be wary of the used collection on offer (near cashier area, displayed on multiple-guitar stand on the floor), one of the Fenders there (reverse headstock) is not an original article. This is not an implication that the store is a front for pirated instruments but I have a feeling the store personnel themselves don't quite know what came their way when they acquired it from its owner.

If you are the store owner & you are reading this, I have absolutely no intention to disrepute your business; your store chaps are friendly & obliging, I give them my thumbs up for that. However, if we are dealing with major brand names in our premises, we should be wary of what's in store as this might hurt our business' goodwill upon discovery regardless if it's a bona fide mistake in offering it for sale. Peace.


YusTech said...
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YusTech said...

mean while in Selangor there's a few fake seller that rampantly enjoy doing this,One of them will be expose in my blog very soon.haha

Jo @ NoobAxe said...

it's bcos the owner din even can play guitars bro

why bother

Bux Bug said...

cant play? seriously jo?which one is the owner?