Thursday, September 13, 2012

Marshall: DSL40 (Part 2)

Maybe this is what you need to see; the new DSL series are made in Vietnam, just like the MA series. No detrimental tonesgenerated, I assure you. Marshall's signature voicing is present & commanding. If you plan to get one from Davis GMC, here's the price reference:
  • DSL15C- 15W combo: $580
  • DSL40C- 40W combo: $680
For my Johor friends- brother Jo is making them available at his store, we were together that day to hear them in action. We were impressed (to say the least)


Saifi Ikmal said...

deng this is quite cheap..i really dig the EL34 on DSL40C compare to 6V6 on the DSL15..closest to the supposedly Marshall tone said...

i hear the signature Marshall tones in both models :-) because they are both Marshalls he he... despite the different tubes in there. just like the VIntage Modern which feaures a set of KT66s in the power sction- the Marshall tones are true & present.

i hear differences between the 15C & the 40C due to different driversin there.

you are right bro- these Marshalls are realy affordable, thumbs up to this.

Rommel Castillo said...

do you think a power attenuator would work with the 40c? i wanna get the 40c but im afraid it would be too loud for my place.

Rommel Castillo said...

and i dont want the 15c because it would be too mellow if ever i bring it back to my homeland where i have enough space to crank up the 40 watter to 11 hehehe said...

He, he... Both 40 C & 15C have an in-built attentuator function- let you run the amp at half power :-)