Saturday, September 15, 2012

Played yesterday

Guitars played last night (L-R):
  • Ibanez S420
  • Schecter Omen 7
I started with the 7 first, it's got the extra string & the extended scale length, perfect for warm-up. Then on to the S420, as expected, it felt a little 'easier' to play. It's psychological, really.

My S420 is fitted with a pair of Duncan's Pearly Gates, the least expected performer for intense distortion but it's not about expectations, it's about knowing what it could offer- lots of top end poke. Adding adequate bass to that & it's a great voicing to work with for all aggressive ideas.


::nubes:: said...

Hi, I'm looking at buying one of those Omen 7s (some dude around here has a used one in great shape for a ridiculously good price) and I think I'll probably change the pickups. As a newbie to guitars with more than six strings, I ask - What pickups would you suggest for guitar like this? Also, a probably silly question... Do the cavities have enough space for the added electronics of an active setup? Cheers!
-Luis said...

hi there :-) do hear what those pickups have in store for you before deciding to have them replaced. i'm still keeping mine because they give the needed clarity for the bottom end which should be the consideration for such an instrument.

however if you think the default PUs don't have what you wanna hear & should you decide to go active, yes the cavity does have room for a battery.