Tuesday, September 6, 2016

As cheap as it gets

This is a guitar we have at the staff lounge. Note those scratches on the fretboard. It's clear that the fretboard here is not rosewood. In fact, it may not be wood at all, a synthetic substitute maybe. The overcoat there serves as a facade for the lighter wood used. Busted! But that's what you get for investing in budget instrument. They may look awesome on the outside but the inner blight would surface sooner or later.

The action of this guitar is a tad too high & playing it is a little uncomfortable. I managed to lower the action by filing the bridge down just a wee bit (1mm at most) & it made a whole difference. Why do I bother? This guitar plays well & sounds above average, much more appealing than some of the entry-level branded models out there, that fretboard treatment could have been better, though. 

Oh, I need a new file.

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