Monday, September 26, 2016

Not for(za)

I'm currently happy with what Seymour Duncan is dishing out now in terms of overdrive pedals; the Palladium is really right there for the money & the Killing Floor is a very likeable boost unit for me. I've tried the Forza overdrive not too long ago & it's a very rare occasion of being frustrated. Despite being touted as a transparent overdrive by the manufacturer, the pedal sounded half baked in terms of drive. In fact, I hear more fuzz than drive & it hurts to hear any neck pickup interact with this pedal; muddy & rather ill-defined. Someone argues that a great 'woman' tone could be had with this one but if you put any drive pedal to use with whatever tone controls to offer set to nought (absolutely no treble), you can have a convincing woman tone right there. This is also one of those pedals where the drive increases exponentially to such an extent that there was hardly any difference in intensity past a certain upper setting.  Gave it a deserving miss.

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