Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Price rant

Here's something new at the stores- Ibanez RGIF8. Iron Label series, primed for distortion & colossal bottom end, for SGD1.8K...

An instrument's worth is somewhat personal but what else can you get for $1.8K?
  • A reputable tube amp with $900 change
  • An American-made guitar with a higher re-sale value & $200 change
  • A multi-FX/ modelling floor unit with $400 change
What am I driving at, really? I'm of the opinion that Ibanez's Iron Label guitars are bordering on deceit. You don't get a higher tier series model & the re-sale value is arguably comparable to a standard series Ibanez. Having said that, I'm still an Ibanez fan & I do own Iron Label models (which are not hyped for looks & feeding the current bearing).   Hmm...

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