Thursday, September 29, 2016

Fuzzing drive

Picked this one up just hours ago from Swee Lee :-)

Ibanez's OD850 isn't new, in 1974-1975, it's touted as one of the 'better' interpretation of EHX's Big Muff pedal, manufactured by Nissin Onpa (Japan) till 2002. It's now back for your consideration but that OVERDRIVE label there is a little deceiving (just like the Super Metal). 

The OD850 is what I refer to as a range defined drive unit; it starts out demure & ends in beast mode. However, a good spread of it is just fuzz & more fuzz. Don't blame the 850 for not being something else because it was conceived in the Muff image & that's what it's dishing out. 

So the 850 is a drive in its initial stages but it has nothing extensive to offer & I must say it's not the real parameter of the 850's true identity. It's rather forgettable. Turn it (the SUSTAIN control) up & it starts to fuzz out in anger. The maximum fuzz offering will easily obliterate low notes, the type some germanium units would do. The shred dweebs will have limited applications with this lack of definition but if you peddle some doom in your metal, this might be your break. That's not all because if you couple this with some tone tweaking, you could get some of those super smooth Cliffs Of Dover fuzz tones.

Ibanez: OD850
Availability: Swee Lee Co.
List: $219

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