Monday, September 12, 2016

Rounded, pointed

I'd been using the DAW Karma picks for the whole of last week. These are currently my go-to picks, no outstanding or alien material involved, just thermo plastic. Both are 3mm in thickness. 

The rounded (red) tip version is excellent for fast riffs. It glides off the wound strings very easily. It doesn't flex & the unbuffered edges means it 'catches' the strings fairly well. Awesome for angry players. The pointed (blue) tip version is a precision implement. If you are the pick-every-note type, it's one of the best. The pointed tip also ensures more clarity with every picked note. Just wanna say that the pick tip profile does affect your playing & this influences efficiency. There's no right pick for you, there is a need for you try which one works best for your playing style. Also, if you think you've found what you've been looking for, there might be other picks out there waiting to be discovered. Please do not go into denial if you're experiencing a new love- you're not alone :-)

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