Thursday, September 8, 2016


So here's how it was yesterday; a little sore neck & backache. But I wanted to play. Picked up something light- the PRS S2 Mira.

I've been away from the semi tone for a while. Couldn't really remember why the action of this one was a little high but it was lowered. I was in the mood for some high gain stuff yesterday & this Mira served me well. That airy midrange is a delight when chunky solid body tones were all I hear prior to this. Also, the neck pickup tone of a semi does not benefit from too much distortion (period!) if it's a non-high output pickup. 

Played some fast stuff but I was utilizing the bridge pickup most of the time. It seems that my 4-notes-per-string ritual was in auto mode but I managed to keep in time so there's the take-away right there; adaption to timing regardless of the type of player you are. 

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