Sunday, September 11, 2016

Dude, you are good (2)

I've tested the Dude with both humbucking & single coil guitars so here're some opinion:

1) Single coil: The Dude has plenty of clean boost to further twang things out (if that's your thing). The EQ section means you can add fatness to proceedings so it's not just about hearing the top end. Once the ratio is increased (drive control), you get good amp-type drive going, enough to shred, mind you. That's how saturated things get & all this without any dirt from the amp, just from the Dude.

2) Humbucker: The Dude is equally at home with humbucking guitars. With both EQ controls at noon position, we don't hear any mucked up bottom end, it's in fact a good way to use this pedal; keep the EQs at the halfway mark, add & subtract the frequencies to your liking. OK, here's what the Dude can do; max out both drive (Ratio) & level so you get this illusion of playing super-charged pickups but actually you aren't. 

I shouldn't be driving (forgive the pun) this into your head too much but the Dude is a wonderful drive pedal as it is. I've removed all Dumble-type opinions for you to embrace the Dude's abilities, not its similarities (to a certain renowned amp). 

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