Sunday, September 11, 2016

Pacific feline

All guitars played yesterday- testing out my Dude pedal, actually.

1) Yamaha Pacifica PAC510V: This is one of my worthiest instrument bought during a sale event. I'm totally happy with it, wouldn't change or swap anything in there. I might experiment with a thicker string gauge in time to come & maybe apply a non-standard tuning as well.

2) Fender Classic 60s Jaguar: I have always looked forward to own a Jaguar simply because of those single coils in there- they are quite different from what a Strat/ Tele would offer. I also believe I would benefit from the instrument's shorter scale length. I've yet to rectify anything here because the instrument is, as in the case of the preceding Pacifica, faultless. I might raise the action a wee bit, currently it sports a low, shred ready profile. Even the slimmer C-profile neck screams shred. 

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