Saturday, December 8, 2018

Small talk

This is probably a lost cause but I'm into it anyway. The Jackson minion series are shorter-scaled instruments predominantly aimed at the smaller, younger players. Over time, similar instruments of its ilk are embraced by adults as well who see the potential of less hassle while on the move. 

The Jackson range currently sports two guitars, the Dinky you see above & this very attractive RR. I believe the RR, in this manifestation, will attract more players as it becomes less wieldy. I would certainly advocate for these to be available here.

Ditto the bass; a more manageable spec, a sure invitation to try. However, they are still unavailable here since its official release in Winter NAMM 2016. 

The thing is, we have the Ibanez Mikro instruments available here.

We even see the Paul Gilbert version here.

Of course, rounding things off with the Mikro bass. Of the three Mikros you see, above, I find the bass version to be more desirable than the guitars. Even the Paul Gilbert association doesn't make it a notch above its non-signature sibling. The non-angled headstock there affects tuning greatly plus the fact that both instrument's nut slots were not quite up there in terms of presentation. So I might have come across the lesser models while trying.

We have, where we are, a limited scope for instruments of this ilk to stand out & really be tested in terms of performance & revenue generation. It's partly down to unfamiliar territory- if you were the distributor, which brand name would you choose to ensure stocks don't turn dead over time? Behind the scenes, we do need to consider the fact that such fringe offerings had to be included in numbers with the rest of the standard inventory- do you have adequate standard offerings to ensure the numbers add up well? I'm still advocating for Jackson's Minions to be here; it would be a good chance to kick the Mikro butts since I personally know, after repeated testing, that they could have been better. More importantly, between the Mikro & the Minion at the headstock, the Minion doesn't lower its status with a 'GIO' label. 

Just saying. 😁

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Ijau D. Koceng said...

yes, still waiting for green minion bass :)