Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Enslaved The Buried

2 more CDs from Inokii:
  • Enslaved- Riitiir Enslaved is a great band. More importantly, they have grown to become better. The music is a little richer with their subsequent releases, notably the incorporation of progressive elements while retaining their roots. This is one of the those bands I listen to for that feel good factor- because these chaps stick to their genre while showing the world they profess at what they are doing. Too many outfits of this ilk get away with noise as if noise is the pre-requisite for getting you somewhere in terms of music reverance. I like the guitars in this one as well, less fuzzy.
  • Between the Buried & Me: The Parallax II Before this album, I didn't bother with the band- I saw their stuff on the net; they are good but they are nothing special (these chaps performed here not too long ago). Until this one, of course. I actually took time to re-listen to selected tracks, noted some of the minor inclusions which really defined this release; it's a classic case of the insignificant inclusions defining brilliance. It's disrespectful to associate a band's capacity to another because it implies incapacity but I tell you what I hear in this release- the twisted genius of Arcturus peppered all over the songs, a very heavy Dream Theater plying the jist of it all & that Nachtmystium Assassin beeps, pops & tweets which boils down to Pink Floyd's psychedelia application- thoroughly enjoyable. Respect!

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