Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ibanez: AR series

The Ibanez community is currently abuzz with the AR series talk; yes, it's the Artist series which were once defunct but their recent resurrection had many players sing praise for them. (Above: AR325)

Unlike the previous incarnation, the current AR models sport 2 mini switches near the instruments' volume controls that allow both coil splitting & coil tapping voicings. The 24.75" scale length gave them a very Gibson-esque vibe. The Jazz players out there would tell you Ibanez's Super 58 humbuckers are some of the best in the business- just ask Scofield & Metheny. (Above: AR420)

If you possess the above instructional DVD, Marty Friedman used the AR exclusively in that recording before he received his SZ-based signature model.

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Love the design tho reminds me of the Yamaha SG2000.