Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ibanez: Roadcore

This is the latest from Ibanez- the Roadcore series. It's not one to relive your shred/ thrash moments but it could be of use for those applications. The neck profile is more rounded, very C-type in feel according to the manufacturer. Coupled with that non-angled headstock, it' very RX/ RT in make. Also, Ibanez had chosen to resurrect the block heel, if you are used to your all-access neck joint (AANJ), this one might be a little tricky. But if you embrace all things guitar, it'll be of little hindrance (you have no such issues with your Fenders, yes?). This model was a Fall release but there was an announcement stating it won't appear State-side till further notice. Maybe it'd be a Winter NAMM debut, who knows? That headstock looks familiar, you say? Here:

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