Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Gibson 2013: SG J

This is the perfect example of what would peeve the Gibson purists- a simplified guitar made bare to appeal to the masses. The SG J will debut next year, adding to the list of affordable Gibsons so if you have that amount of money to acquire a dignified, spectacular copy, this one would make you re-consider your intentions- you'd probably save a little bit more to own a 'Gibson'.

I kinda like where this SG J is going, it's a fundamental offering which doesn't try too hard to fish the purists into acceptance. It has 2 more frets than the typical SG & the covered humbuckers there screams contemporary. However, those aren't active units, they are Gibson's 490R/498T pairing, the wooly sounding pair which might be the most Gibson-esque feature in this instrument in terms of appeal (personally, I find them annoying).

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