Saturday, November 10, 2012


It's Saturday morning, it's always fantastic if it's away from work. Just finished playing some tunes, here's the set up:
  • Guitar: Gibson LP Tribute 50s with Duncan humbuckers
  • Pedal: CMATmods Butah
  • Amp: Marshall DSL40 Classic gain channel
It's a slightly different approach as I dialed in a tamed drive voicing- the Marshall's Classic Gain gain channel has significantly less roar & the fact that I only had it at 3. The saturation came from the Butah, the drive's almost max-ed out with the brightness in check- tone knob not even past 30%...

What's the point? It's about the ability to play like me with a less familiar set-up. I've always turned things up, way up in fact & this served me well in terms of playing technicalities but that's like wallowing in familiar territory. What if I was made to play with unfamiliar ingredients, could I pull it off or would the excuse be that lame 'it's not my set up, I can't play'?

But the reality of the situation is that we can never be our real selves when faced with a compromised playing situation but it would do us well to be prepared should the situation arise.If you can't be at your 100% best then you can try being very close. Nothing beats playing with your gear & dictating your set up, eh? 

So moral of the story: If there's no caviar, the cod roe has to manifest a near-caviar experience & you have to see that happens.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

owh~ that 'funny-named' pedal again :)

XenoZeno said...

Damn i want that dsl =( said...

@ijau- it's my go-to pedal when all else let me down :-)

@xeno- you should, it's a good, likable Marshall :-)