Tuesday, November 13, 2012

(Re) Discovering the half

Had some time this morning for a quick re-string: Ibanez S420 + a set of .009 D'Addario Half Rounds.

The half rounds are, well, less rounder strings pertaining to the wound units. This is gives the player a smoother, 'faster' feel but the brightness are compromised a little bit. This is the reason why jazz players love them; they give off that warmth which is a perfect complement to their hollow tones. 

What the heck am I doing having them in my non-hollow, S420? I had the Dean Markley Helix set in this guitar previously (which served me real well in terms of tone & durability), those smoother wound strings were not 'new' to me (Here: CLICK), actually. I've tried the half rounds before & they give me what the Helix has to offer, just that it slipped my mind- I've tried too many strings.

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