Monday, November 19, 2012

Played today...

It's a mundane Monday, there's absolutely nothing to look forward to after work ended- it was raining on my way home. But for me, music never fails to pick me up even if it means a brief 5min of play. Today's playing session was kinda regimented; it's a strict 10min per instrument:
  • LP Tribute 50s (humbucker)- First up was my LP, the objective was to get on with an annoying start, it's all about the instrument as I'm not that receptive to Les Pauls. It was a difficult instrument to play (for me) but it's the perfect pick to test my persistence. 10min of scales regurgitation, timing changes & clean tapping. Enough already.
  • Ibanez GARTB20- The bass inclusion was intentional, forcing myself to think differently after a 'difficult' start. Playing bass is also my way of appreciating cleans. I don't distort/drive my bass. The bass also helps me strengthen my right hand co-ordination, it forces my right fingers to be up to the task because I don't pick my bass, strictly fingers. 
  • Yamaha RGX-A2- One of the most enjoyable guitar I own, very ergonomic in terms of construction, makes playing very addictive. It's a nice conclusion to the session because the LP's torture coupled with the bass' non-guitar idiosyncrasies paved way for a virtually effortless guitar playing when the RGX was in use. However, the default pickups in this guitar need to go. I've already bought replacements & it's a matter of booking some tech time with Beez. That would be soon, of course. Good night :-)

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