Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The clash

Happening this Saturday (5th 10th Nov): Phil X guitar clinic. If you've been watching him on You Tube, you would be keen to be there.

Also happening this Saturday, PSMS live @ Fort Canning TAB. This is a possee of accomplished players performing, there's so much to learn by watching this one.

But hey, these shows are 1hr apart, if you are a guitar fan, you'd wanna be there for both shows but that couldn't possibly happen. It'd be too much to ask the organizers to avoid such a clash (it's not their fault anyway...) but they'd be keen to know that people who'd buy the tickets are from the same pool of guitar dweebs. They'd get more attendance either way if these shows are very much separated.


Kaospilot said...

phil x is crazy awesome :D

freakonomics said...

sub its 10th Nov not 5th LOL