Friday, November 9, 2012

Poll: Cable length

Thanks, everyone- appreciate you taking part in this poll.

For those of us playing at home, we need not use a terribly long cable unless your amp is in the kitchen while you play in your bedroom because your kitchen has a more appealing natural reverb. Maybe.

We need to keep in mind that cable length affects signal quality but this isn't quite audible in domestic situations. Also, a short cable length would mean that you sit very close to your amp & this isn't a true manifestation of your amp's sonic capacity- you tend to hear more 'brightness' than anything else (because you are too close). A good cable length allows you to play (regardless if you are sitting down or standing up) at least 1m away from your amp, this way you can turn up the volume & this matters because the amplifier is all about volume; the more you turn up, the more 'true' your amp becomes.

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