Friday, December 30, 2016

2016: DOWNs

The final two days of 2016. Time to reflect on the occurrences. It had not been rosy, beginning with the year's peeve list (in no particular order).

The worst for me this year had to be how the entity known as V-post handled a simple contention. They took 6 months to settle a fundamental credit card issue & offered no reprieve in terms of solutions/alternatives & insisted on their stand. I simply abhor such attitude when there exists the benefit of the doubt but on stubborn grounds, you insisted on being right & demanded conformity. Turd grade service & totally unworthy.

Next on my list is another commercial fester. It seems that, due to isolated cases, Gravity Picks reserved their rights to deem others suspect as well. I'm not against procedures- you have the right to tread cautiously on contentious grounds to preserve the interest of your business. However, if there are returning customers who seek to exclude themselves from the suspect list, the least you could do is to listen. For the record, Gravity Picks make some of the best guitar picks out there with arguably the most flexible custom options but proved themselves acutely wanting in other aspects. We have other guitar picks to choose from. Our playing fulfillments do not pivot on Gravity Picks exclusively. Move on.

The EVH camp jumped into the mini amp fray with their 5150 III offering. The 5150 III reputation shouldn't be expended carelessly because this mini amp came nothing close to the real 5150 III that rules the stage in terms of distortion. In any case, we shouldn't be disillusioned into such association due to the common pedigree. The pocket 5150 III is trying to steal its bigger sibling's limelight only to be blundering in their shadows. If you don't mind the novelty, your cash movements are at your behest. In this light, we might be too eager to see similar success stories after Blackstar's FLY 3 runaway triumph in desktop technology. 

Reality check: Despite my utmost disdain for such bitter outcomes, these very entities might rebound in time to come & I shouldn't dismiss this from happening. We don't blame the name, we blame the attitude that brought the name down.

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