Friday, December 30, 2016

Price watch (5)

Someone's doing a pre-order for this Ibanez guitar online, the price- as stated, is in excess of $300.

The same guitar listed on the official distributor's website here is a little shy of $200.

Going back to the pre-order listing, we can understand why the price was unreasonably so; it's flown from the USA (it's definitely not made there). A little reading up will tell you that this isn't an exclusive Ibanez model sold in the aforementioned country so in my humble opinion my friends, it's unreasonable.


sweetmethane said...

There are many occasions I've encountered related to this Sub. At times i feel like bombarding the seller with facts and info about their sales but many a times i just ignore.. What's your take on this? Warn potential buyers out of goodwill or just don't be a busybody and walk away? said...

Create an awareness, that should be the immediate action. People are not gonna be happy if you tell them off despite being deserving. They will deem you an ass for intrusion- speaking from experience. 🙄 Such individuals are fighting a losing battle, that's for sure. In such cases of oversight, the site admin could do next to nothing, unless it's fraudulent.