Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Cat scratch fever

I used to dislike the Fender Jaguar. The electronics are downright confusing & that headstock is simply obnoxious. The first Jaguar I came across was a double humbucker version at Swee Lee which I duly bought. It's about the shorter scale length primarily, it made me play differently. Dare I say it- faster 😙

The situation today- I'm gravitating towards the Fender single coil tone & the Jaguar has something different to offer compared to its Strat sibling. Those excessive switches- it's something to overcome. 

The red Jaguar sporting block inlays is an older model (but a recent acquisition) lying in wait at the Swee Lee warehouse. As it is, Fender offset models are somewhat second fiddle to the Strats & Teles. Currently, there seems to be a revival with the Duo-sonic, Mustang, Jaguar & Jazzmaster going through a rebound which will see its full swing in 2017. The white Jaguar was a difficult decision. I was holding back to fund a new phone but through partial funding by way of gear sale, of course, that one was one of my best purchase at mid year. 

I had a chance to put them side by side today & was happy to observe QC consistency despite at least 3 years difference between them. They both weigh 3.5kg & sport identical neck carve. The difference lies in tone. The red Jaguar sounds warmer & has more clarity in the neck pickup. On that note, both guitars need a new set of tone capacitors to boost that rather narrow tone range. This adventure will continue as soon as the tone caps get here 😊

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