Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Carry home considerations

Imagine paying for your guitar & on the verge of heading home. It suddenly dawned on you that the instrument doesn't come with a bag. Being a newbie, you didn't factor this into your shopping considerations. You are left in the lurch because the store in question doesn't offer any entry-level bags to get you by, the only one in store is a $200+ boutique model. You barely have any money left for a Happy Meal.

You might think it's an unlikely scenario but it does happen time & again in the stores here. We have buyers who were frozen in their tracks because the store simply did not inventorize budget bags for their instruments. I especially empathize with the noobs in such a predicament. Their instrument could be damaged on their way home should they choose to walk out of the store with just that.  Knocks, slip out of hand & inclement weather; these are just some of the misfortune waiting to happen. 

The pic you see above are just some of the most affordable guitar bags out there by Warwick, Gator, Ritter & Madarozzo. I don't see why stores here don't have them as part of a sensible consideration for buyers who don't prioritize a bag for their instrument on the day of purchase. You might call these buyers foolish for not being thorough in their shopping plans but personally, I'd give them the benefit of the doubt. They might just have enough funds for that dream instrument on a sale day or plan to buy a dedicated hard case much later. I don't think they are obliged to disclose to sellers why they are not in favour of buying an over-the-top bag on that very day. In any case, stores with no such readiness are the foolish ones. They failed to study the demography of their buyers & run the business based on assumptions. On your part, dear sellers, do some pre-purchase enquiry if that particular store you are getting your instrument from does have such bags for you. Come with your own bag if you have to if there are no such arrangements. 

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