Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016: UPs

There were surprises along the way this 2016. Despite the economic crunch, we managed to secure a worthy purchase thanks to the odd sale events here & there. One of them was the Swee Lee warehouse sale which some touted to be a 'return' of sorts but according to the good Swee Lee people, it's a one off so that they could move on with the inventory space at the Sims Drive warehouse. Whatever the underlying reason, we were grateful.

I've been holding back, I've been looking at pre-loved units, I've considered alternatives & I've been dismissive but it finally happened- I bought a Fender Jaguar. I blame the single coil itch which stretched beyond the Strat/ Tele influence. That shorter scale length kills as well. The Jaguar brought out a different side of me, more importantly, it helped me realize some other playing potential. 😁

I had been following the John Page Ashburn for about a year before I bought this Classic model. Despite its availability & repeated calling every time I dropped by the store, I managed to exercise restrain & waited for the double humbucking version to appear before making a decision. I've read what Mr. Page had to say about his Bloodline single coils & understood that they had very little in store for me since I'm the high gain dweeb with a ready aversion for all things 'vintage'. Hearing a musical instrument in person is a mandatory purchase pre-requisite especially after this John Page episode. As it turned out, the humbucking Ashburn Classic had little appeal to me once overdrive came into the tone equation. My ears loved the single coils more & the decision was final. No regrets. 

These are my final 3 picks accounting for the 2016 delights which had been disappointing through & through. It's not gear-related exclusively but I won't delve into life's little tragedies here; it's a guitar blog so I need to observe strict relevance. There were others worthy of this UPs list but I'm keeping things light for record. 

On that note my friends, as 2016 approaches its spectral instance, here's wishing you an amazing 2017 ahead. A new chapter is way worthy than rancid history- have a blast & stay safe. 

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