Monday, December 26, 2016

Ibanez RGA- revision

The Ibanez RGA model is one of the RG spinoffs which features a curved body top. It's still in production today & I hope it would remain that way. The RGA model I own was the first generation version - RGA32 - equipped with a pair of active in-house pickups referred to as the Lo-Z3. Unlike others, they run on 2 X AA batteries. 

This year's version (latest), features revisions which reflect some listening, on the manufacturer's part, to players:
  1. Pickups are now passive. They are the direct mount version as well, no mounting brackets required.
  2. A simpler bridge, which sits closer to the body.
  3. Cutaways feature bevelling.
  4. Side-aligned fretboard markers.
This year also saw the RGA making its way into the Iron Label series with more refinements befitting of the series' image/ expectations. What does the future hold for the Standard series RGA? Only time will tell.

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