Thursday, December 8, 2016

Strat set up

I set up all my guitars since day one. That's right, I went through the dark, misinformed times without internet reference. It was mostly magazine reference from the library. I would spend hours at the Geylang East branch browsing through back issues of Guitar Player & Guitar World. I also worked with sub-par tools. Today, we are fortunate to have stores selling player-friendly tools & implements to keep our treasured possessions in check. The internet access opened up a whole new range of tool acquisition possibilities. But the large part to this advancement was the credit card; this increased my purchasing power somewhat. Anyway, I recently re-set up the Fender American Special Strat you see above which was purchased from Swee Lee's end of year warehouse sale.

Despite being playable, this was how the string saddles look like when I brought it home. It's evident that someone lowered/raised the strings without due consideration of the fretboard radius. It was a crude attempt, almost a noob level effort at best. Let's not rule out the fact that this could be done back at the factory. What do you think?

I was very happy with how straight this guitar's neck is. There were no traces of shimming & upon removal of the neck (to satisfy my curiosity), I was right. 👍 This could only mean that they got it right back at the factory. 

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