Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Fender: American Pro (2)

Not to be over-shadowed by the offset models in the new Fender American Professional series, the Stratocaster receives the new treatment as well.

The Telecaster- of course.

This includes the Deluxe resurrection, now equipped with the Shawbucker pickups. All instruments in this posting has a USD1,399.90 MSRP. When they reach here & sport a domestic price tag, look forward to pay about $2K for one. What this implies: You have to fork out more for an American model featuring standard or dare I say it- level quality features- compared to the American Standard models. The psychology of this change is that, if the American Standard attributes & prices were invoked to rebuke unreasonable upward revision of prices, they will state the fact that the American Pro instruments are simply not the American Standards. These are entirely new in the catalogue & you should not make non-objective comparisons, they say.

Where have we heard this before? Ibanez. That's right, you would think that the Iron Label instruments are entirely new in their offerings & differ significantly from the Standard models? 

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