Monday, December 12, 2016

Social experiment

This was a rather wicked experiment I did last month but deemed necessary. I posted a used pair of Gibson pots in the after market. The price was increased from $40+ to the current $60 depicted here.

Here's the catch- I was giving them away for free, it's just a matter of clicking the ad & reading further. Conclusion:
  1. People don't click ads, they make hasty conclusion based on the title. I have PMs pertaining to the price & telling me they see a lower price tag elsewhere in the shops- for goodness sake, CLICK THE AD! As many of us access such ads via our mobile devices, we get lazy. We engage others on oversight & this has a potential to breed conflict.
  2. People are brand conscious & they continue to be so. I actually get LIKEs for such over-priced stuff so that goes to show what kind of people are out there looking at your items for sale. 
  3. People are not motivated to address absurdity. They tend to mind their own business for the greater good. It might end up in a potential clash which might affect one's reputation anyway so if others want to sell a used knob for $50, it's none of their business. Friends, we need to at least flag a ridiculous proposal accordingly with due respect. Do not judge others before knowing why they tag a certain price to an item. Some of these people are proxy sellers; they know nuts about what they are selling, they are doing it on someone's behalf. Product knowledge is next to zero. Some are also noobs who would benefit from our insight but always engage others amiably. We don't prey on others' ignorance because we started off as one once.

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