Thursday, May 3, 2018

Heavy listing

Have not been swinging by places to get CDs but these are the latest 2 acquisitions:
  • Pestilence- Hadeon: Mameli & company are still fronting it after all these years. I thought the band called it quits post-Obsideo because there was an announcement of no-recording commitments after the album release. You should listen to Pestilence because they are the heavy proponents in death metal. While others got away with speed, Pestilence takes their time to propel good music first & foremost.
  • Memoriam- The Silent Vigil: I'm really glad the band is putting out stuff like this instead of treading the Bolt Thrower path. We can't really un-hear the BT bits in this one because 50% of the line-up are products of BT & they're pretty proud of the heritage. We don't mind that at all but we need to respect the band for who they are & this release gives us every reason to do so. The bass here has so much presence; it's threatening to define the album.

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