Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Chewing glass is good

In a recent magazine interview, Marty Friedman might have drawn flak for his Hendrix comment. Then again, it's a personal preference; we are free to choose the heroes we worship. The world might revere a particular individual but we're not obliged to follow. Friedman stated his non-preference for Hendrix & it's largely personal. He also advised players not to succumb to peer pressure.

I don't listen to Hendrix either. 😑


TK. said...

Hendrix is great, better than I ever will be.

But I don't listen to him too.

subversion.sg said...

No doubting his greatness, just that he doesn't appeal to some of us.

Benedict Ho said...

There are many ways of putting an opinion across without potentially turning it into a personal attack.

If Marty was trying to say that to bring a salient point across, he just missed the boat.

subversion.sg said...

More pertinent message- no compulsion

snakepitsam said...

I like his weird way of picking and japanese fusion style