Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Purple- done

This was done last weekened. The guitar in question- Ibanez RG550 (Genesis 2018).

It's an all DiMarzio affair this time- Evolution (n)/ Area 67 (m)/ Steve's Special (b). Why DiMarzio? Because my yellow RG550 is the Seymour Duncan version so this is an opportunity to hear a tone contrast. The Evo was high on my consideration list for its light treble bite, nothing too piercing but avoiding the rounded, wooly tone altogether. The A67 was already in my SA1620 & it's perhaps one of the best stacked humbucker that retains twang without being too Fender-ish. Coming to Steve's Special, it's an unlikely inclusion but I know it'd work in a dual action whammy bridge type that lacks bass. Of course, the SS isn't bass excessive, it's scooped sounding & something I dislike to begin with but I'm determined to make it likeable, at the very least. Let's see what happens along the way.

PS: Wishing all Muslim blog readers, friends & relatives a blessed Ramadan ahead which starts tonight.

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