Saturday, May 12, 2018

Re-string Saturday: Gold

I think many gear dweebs like me, would take the weekend opportunity to check on our instruments. Gave my Gibson LP Tribute a re-string this morning. This is perhaps one of my preferred Gibson due to its satin finish. If you've been reading the stuff here, I prefer non-gloss necks because I sweat easily & a sticky experience isn't something that makes a pleasant guitar day. When the Tribute model hit the stores, I waited for the humbucking version to be available & there's no turning back.

This happened because I'm old & I always grabbed the wrong knob- always. So a simple solution is seen here; volume knobs are differentiated from the tone knobs. To many LP purists it's desecrating the looks but I embrace practicality more than the preservation of originality. 

Another LP desecration- Seymour Duncans. I simply can't stand the rounded treble tone of Gibson pickups so this had to happen. I also believe the SH-6/ SH-2 are tried & tested pickups when it comes to good driven tones with clarity. 

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