Monday, May 28, 2018

Tweaks: Kiesel DC

Was at Beez's last Saturday. Caught in the downpour (trapped at the bus stop for more than 20min) but still managed to get there.

Forgive the fuzz but that's the Kiesel DC's new input jack right there. The old one was crackling, after several bouts with the contact spray, it was still problematic so it made way for this Switchcraft version.

While at it, told Beez to swap out the default capacitor with the Emerson one here. Beez insisted on not cutting the wires away, he told me I would need a good working length should I decide to remove it into another guitar. So, like the true pro that he is, he managed to insulate the exposed parts (blue) as seen above. Awesome.

This guitar was set for a 20" radius & it might be the reason why I snagged on strings during fast picking runs. It was re-set to a 16" setting when I reached home.

OK, all done! Spent time with it on Sunday morning putting the Angry Driver pedal to good use. More on this to come. 

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