Saturday, May 5, 2018

Night & day

Saturday morning guitar noodling- done.

These 2 may be in the shred/ high gain territory but they can never replace each other. Some thoughts:

Kiesel DC400
It's the heavier among the two, has more inherent bottom end in there. There are more cleans in the pickups as well, very apparent when the volume knob is rolled down. The neck profile- rounder, more pronounced than an average Fender. Also, the narrower neck influences less death & destruction. If you noticed, the guitar's lower cutaway isn't as aligned to the body as the Ibanez's so when played sitting down, the neck is more angled to the floor.

Ibanez RG471
This guitar is about $500 lesser than its American counterpart, it's also lighter. The satin body finish might be attributable to this. Neck profile- not the thinnest Ibanez has to offer but you can feel the difference once you switch from playing this to the DC. As mentioned above, this one has a wider profile so the hand is more at ease when playing riffs which involve more bass notes. The replacement pickups in this one are of my preferences so tone-wise, I prefer what I hear. The lighter overall feel might contribute to a less pronounced bottom end as well but the Seymour Duncan's Screamin' Demon humbucker (bridge) is one endowed with a commanding bottom end.

It's the first weekend of May- wishing you good times with your gear. 😀

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