Saturday, May 19, 2018


Trying something new. I've tried cheap strings, I've tried 'boutique' strings, one thing's for sure- I've not quite embraced a particular brand name to stop trying the different ones out there. This Sfarzo set doesn't feel boutique, there's no magic coating here either. However, the strings don't feel cheap, you know that feeling of having wires under your finger tips instead of strings. That immediate deterioration once you have them in your guitar- these are all absent. It's nearly a week's worth of playing them without any obvious difference in feel so that must be a good sign. Tone-wise, these are not bright steels, no jangly slinky tones to be heard as well. If there's a close reference to better understand the performance, it will be Dean Markley's vintage set; no nonsense feel & tone but nothing extra.

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