Thursday, June 12, 2008


The speed merchants in the death metal scene are largely chaps who consider guitar technicalities secondary. However, there are formidable players in the circle who shred & grind equally well but these are numbered. One of my fav players in this light would be Destructhor who came out from obscurity when he became a member of Zyklon (featuring Samoth & Trym of Emperor) & you should very well check out what he did for Myrkskog to know where he stands in terms of guitar playing. the big deal here is that his sweep arpeggios are staple in his riffs as well as solos. He's also in the precision school of guitar assault where one can simply hear the absence of sloppiness in his playing. Perhaps this is the reason why he was drafted as Morbid Angel's latest live guitarist (June 2008).


Anonymous said...

Cool. Btw Sub check out Origin if you havent. Pretty insane stuff.

-darknessiscomfort- said...

yup- very intense + very technical, it's my kinda band.