Monday, October 8, 2012

Batman- The Dark Knight Returns (1)

I remember I was still in school when I got this comic- Batman Returns. It came in 4 episodes, so I bought all 4 & subsequently sold them off after reading because the Batman in this interpretation was a senior figure who puffed & panted along the way. I wasn't into that kind of hero but the plot was awesome, to say the least. A futuristic setting & final showdown between the all-powerful Superman & the powerless Batman. But the earthling came out victorious, the Kryptonian should have known better; Batman always has a plan because he knows he has nothing in terms of extraordinary strength. 

Anyway, I was moved to buy the animated interpretation of this comic because it came to me that I am quickly heading into senior citizenship. According to human geography, I am past the mid-way mark of the average life expectancy here (in this country). When you age, whatever extras you have in you (strength, wisdom, mobility, etc...) will be eclipsed by degeneration. The fact that the aging Bruce Wayne had to come out of retirement & fight his incapacity to answer a calling speaks a lot about the human will. I am trying to muster enough courage now to answer a personal calling- to leave this profession & move on.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

i had a feeling that this figurine will appear in (most of) ur future blog posts :) said...

it's not leaving its plastic enclosure in the mean time :-)

LG said...

Woah Bro... Big decision indeed. I'm sure you'd have weighed all the circumstances though!