Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Set-up: Ibanez SR bass

I usually don't do bass, I lack the exposure time to be able to do one well. But after seeing this bass, I know it's a do-able situation:

  • Re-string: 45 - 105 set
  • Re-adjust neck tilt.
  • Re-set action
  • Re-condition fretboard
  • Bridge- not screwed into the body well. Thought someone did a botched job but it's one of the screws there; it's just too rusty so the grip was affected. I don't have spares lying around here but here's a neat trick if you are facing the same situation- try removing as much rust from the culprit screw as possible, a chemical approach is recommended. Swap this screw's position with one from the opposite/ diagonal location.

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