Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sold: Killer Ant stack (1W)

Greetings everyone :-) I have some amplifier revision in the works, I am clearing away my Black Heart Killer Ant stack. Don't let the 'stack' overwhelm you, it's a mere 1W amp, strictly clean channel only, featuring a solitary volume knob- that's it. There's nothing wrong with the amp (duh!), in fact, it's in mint condition. The picture above shows how big the stack is, in perspective (compared to the 'standard' half stack like the Marshall there). Remember, it's the whole stack, I'm not selling the head/ cab individually). My Malaysian friends, you know what to do if you are interested, yes?
  • Selling: Black Heart Killer Ant stack (all tube 1W head + 1x12" cab- Eminence driver)
  • Condition: 9/10
  • No box provided
  • No reservations/ No trades
  • Strictly self-collect (collection addr to be disclosd upon confirmation)
  • Further queries/ confirmation:
  • Final price: $350/ RM874
APOLOGIES: No testing... so sorry.

You will be ignored if you ask the following questions:
  • Is the amp working?
  • Any last price?
  • Why are you selling it off?
Amp SOLD as at 11 Oct 2012- thanks to all interested parties

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