Friday, October 26, 2012

Poll: Humbucker ouput preference

Thanks everyone, for participating in this poll. Many of us prefer an in-between output pickup; something neither too wimpy nor too hot. The fallacy here had always been the belief that the higher output pickups are more adept for distortion application. In general, this is true- higher ouput units are there for monstrous distortion roar but the lesser output units are fantastic as well. In fact, the lesser output models manifest more desirable clarity & definition than many higher output ones when it comes to putting forth those individual notes. We must also keep in mind the fact that higher output humbuckers usually feature stronger magnets & this isn't healthy for sustain.

There's also this belief that active pickups are menacing because of their higher output but you need to know that they are essentially low output units which feature a pre-amp in the circuit so the sum of their performance makes the output higher. The formula for distortion success is actually a curbed pickup output + a booster unit. How many of us have actually tried this formula?

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