Friday, October 5, 2012

Steve Vai: The Story of Light

This is Steve Vai's latest release, The Story of Light. What do you expect from Commander Vai's album- loads of guitar? They're here alright but this is NOT Passion & Warfare, mid you. It's a celestial journey through music wonderland perhaps one inhibited by Alice & company.

Because this is my personal reflections on The Story of Light, I must say that it's the least likable Vai offering in my collection. I have this uploaded in my phone but have deleted all vocal tracks- I'm just just not into them. The remaining instrumental tracks aren't exactly what I had hoped for either, I understand Vai has this musical emphasis over his songs but they are somewhat unappealing to me this time round but hey, who am I to tell Mr. Steve Vai what to do. 

There is a strong parallel between TSOL & Vai's Ultra Zone, I find the latter more tasteful in terms of guitars, maybe it was intentionally dished out that way, lots of guitars with numbered eccentricity but this one's just off-focus. The guitars tones here are also very fuzzy, a departure form Passion & Warfare.

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